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Doula Support Package

Water Birth

Take a journey through birth preparation in my Doula Support Package. Let me guide you through pregnancy where I provide tools and a comprehensive education so that you can go into your birth confidently, without fear, to an autonomous birth.

This personalized support includes 2 prenatal visits, childbirth education, yoga techniques, journal prompts, unlimited messaging throughout your pregnancy, and 2 postpartum sessions.


Just for You Package -  $1400

In lieu of on-call birth support, I have put together a robust doula package which includes a personalized childbirth education course, prenatal and postpartum meetings and unlimited messaging throughout pregnancy and labor.

This is not a fully virtual package.

This package provides in person prenatal visits in which we go over your birth plan, comfort measure techniques to demonstrate with your partner, and an in person postpartum visit.

My birth services are not a “one size fits all” package. My unique program is intentionally curated around your specific goals. That can be anything from building trust between you and your provider/birth team, overcoming fear, an evidence based birth education, safe and healthy yoga postures to help you feel good and move your baby into position; anything you can think of, I’ll work it into YOUR package.  


*This is great for the mother who wants to be fully educated and prepared but doesn't feel that she needs another person present during her birth experience. 



Not looking for personalized support and just want childbirth education? No problem! Check out what you'll learn in my Childbirth Education Course!

Just looking for yoga? I got you! Check out the Prenatal Yoga Package!

About my doula style...

I am a mother, I gave birth. That doesn’t make me the expert on all bodies, just my own. Just as you are also the expert of your own body, and will also give birth! I am here to witness this amazing thing you’re about to do! 


I am empathetic but I am also very straightforward. If you are ready to make big decisions in your birth, and you value education and awareness around your options, I am your doula. I offer education in childbirth through evidence based information. I provide pain management techniques that you and your partner can utilize during labor. I offer emotional and physical preparation through prenatal yoga and education. I’ll remind you of your choices, help you tune into your intuition and give you the practical tools for birth.

Before the prenatals:  Based on your birth goals, we’ll curate an education plan prior to our first prenatal visit to cover all the questions you can think of to prepare you for an informed and autonomous birth!

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