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Prenatal Yoga Package


I have woven a combination of self care, birth preparation, and strength into my prenatal yoga program. 

Includes access to downloadable yoga videos to help you through pregnancy
Yoga Postures - Digital Flashcards with video links
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester Prenatal Yoga Videos
Guided Meditations and Journal Prompt

Learn more about the full Doula Support Package and the comprehensive Childbirth Education Course available for full spectrum birth support!


Why Yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for twenty years. That doesn’t make me the expert but it does give me a solid practice of my own. I would not consider myself your typical yogi. Envision grand tapestries, layered earth-toned rugs, buddha statues and lotus flowers scattered throughout the room and incense burning in the corner of a perfectly curated shrine. That’s not me. If you’re looking for the yogi who chants everyday, uses mala beads, and bends like a pretzel, I’m not your girl. 


My approach to yoga is natural, organic, fluid. I am always learning so my practice is always changing and evolving. Everything I’ve learned and have improved upon will be in my classes. I never actually thought I wanted to teach yoga until I made the choice to be a doula. I did yoga throughout my entire pregnancy and I reaped the benefits. When deciding what I can offer as a doula I thought, hmmm….this is an opportunity to share something. And my offering for prenatal yoga was born. 

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